Cajun King Crab

Cajun King is Hawaii's best source for delicious and authentic Cajun food. We opened in the Waimalu Shopping Center in Aiea, HI, in June 2013 and have been a local favorite ever since. By using fresh and flavorful ingredients cooked to perfection, we have been able to create a unique fusion between the island flavors of Hawaii and the trademark spices of Cajun cuisine. Not only is our food tasty every time, but we are the most affordable Cajun and seafood boil restaurant on the island. 

If you have never enjoyed a seafood boil experience, you definitely need to come and try it. Seafood boils are a staple of Cajun cuisine that include crab, lobster, shrimp, clams, mussels or crawfish with your choice or seasoning, spiciness and vegetables. These hearty and wholesome dishes are full of flavor and nutritious, local ingredients that are sure to please every palate.